Trump asks Willis’ help to obtain documents in federal case


    Trump asks Willis’ help – In an unexpected turn of events, former President Donald Trump is turning to an unconventional source for assistance in his defense against the Fulton County election interference case – District Attorney Fani Willis. Trump’s legal representative in Georgia, Steve Sadow, is actively seeking access to evidence lists that have been shared with other Trump attorneys involved in a distinct federal election interference case in Washington. However, a protective order, initiated at the request of Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith, has been issued, preventing the disclosure of evidence from the federal criminal case, even to attorneys representing Trump in unrelated legal matters.

    This legal maneuver underscores the complexity of Trump’s legal strategy, as his legal team attempts to navigate the intricacies of multiple legal challenges simultaneously. The request for evidence disclosure in the Georgia case, even if related to a separate federal case, indicates the importance of obtaining comprehensive information to bolster Trump’s defense against the charges in Fulton County. The protective order, however, presents a hurdle that Trump’s legal representatives must overcome as they seek to build a robust defense strategy. The interplay between federal and state legal proceedings adds a layer of intricacy to the unfolding legal drama surrounding the former president.

    In a legal maneuver, Sadow has formally requested that Willis reach out to Smith to ascertain whether he would be willing to disclose discovery letters and evidence lists related to the federal election interference case. The purpose is for Willis to potentially share this information with Sadow, who is representing Trump in the Georgia defense. This request was formally presented in a motion filed on Monday in Fulton County Superior Court.


    This legal maneuver highlights the intricate web of legal complexities that Trump must navigate, dealing with criminal charges across four separate cases. This challenge is compounded by the simultaneous need to address civil litigation matters and the ongoing pursuit of a presidential campaign. The motion signifies a strategic effort to gather comprehensive information that could strengthen Trump’s defense in the Georgia case.

    The legal landscape includes a federal case initiated by Smith in August, accusing Trump of four felony counts related to alleged illegal attempts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia and other swing states. The trial for this case is scheduled for March. Simultaneously, in Georgia, Willis has charged Trump and 18 other defendants with participating in an alleged criminal enterprise to overturn Biden’s victory in the state. Notably, four defendants have already entered guilty pleas in connection to these charges, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding legal saga surrounding the former president.

    Despite the differing approaches taken by Willis and Smith in their respective cases, there is a notable overlap in the charges against former President Donald Trump. Some legal experts suggest that both prosecutors could potentially benefit from formal or informal cooperation. However, a recent motion filed on Monday indicates that Trump’s Georgia defense, led by attorney Steve Sadow, believes that access to evidence gathered by federal prosecutors could be advantageous.

    In the motion, Sadow revealed his attempts to obtain discovery letters and lists of discovery material that federal prosecutors have shared with Trump’s legal team in the federal case, as mandated by law. Importantly, Sadow clarified that, at this stage, he is not seeking the evidence itself but rather aims to review descriptions of the evidence to assess its relevance to the Georgia case.

    However, Trump’s attorneys involved in the federal case conveyed to Sadow that they were unable to provide the requested information due to a protective order issued by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan. Sadow’s motion urges Willis’ office to reach out to Smith’s office in an attempt to secure the requested information. Additionally, he requested Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee authorize Trump to subpoena the material from both Smith’s office and the former president’s attorneys in Washington, D.C.

    Sadow emphasized that President Trump is seeking fair and reasonable means to protect his right to due process under the U.S. and Georgia Constitutions. He expressed confidence that gaining access to relevant discovery from the Special Counsel’s Office in D.C. would further bolster Trump’s defense and affirm his innocence in the Fulton County case. This legal maneuver underscores the strategic efforts being made to gather crucial information that could significantly impact the trajectory of Trump’s defense in the complex legal landscape he currently navigates.

    As of now, Willis’ office has not provided an immediate response to a request for comment regarding the recent motion filed by Steve Sadow, Trump’s Georgia attorney, seeking access to evidence from the federal election interference case. The lack of response adds an element of uncertainty to the ongoing legal proceedings, leaving the nature and extent of potential cooperation between the state and federal prosecutors in question. This underscores the fluid and dynamic nature of the legal developments surrounding the cases involving former President Donald Trump.

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