Trump versus Biden: A stark contrast in how the media handles each campaign


    Trump versus Biden: A stark contrast in how the media handles each campaign

    Joe Biden’s campaign is facing significant challenges, while Donald Trump’s campaign, particularly in the Republican primaries, remains robust. Despite the current president’s legislative accomplishments, they are not gaining traction.

    One might assume that a former president, confronted with four criminal indictments and a civil fraud trial, would be struggling in their campaign. In most cases, a single indictment would be enough to derail any political career. However, the opposite seems to be happening with Trump. The multitude of charges has paradoxically boosted his standing among those who perceive him as a target of persecution by the so-called deep state. This narrative has resonated with a segment of the population, contributing to the resilience of Trump’s campaign. The dynamics at play underscore the complexities and unconventional factors influencing the political landscape.


    Biden, for reasons not entirely clear, is not receiving due acknowledgment for successfully advancing legislation ranging from infrastructure to climate change, although localized headlines do highlight the announcement of grants. Despite his legislative efforts, inflation continues to be a significant concern among the public, even though the recently reported monthly rate of 3.2 percent is marginally lower than October’s 3.7 percent increase.

    Meanwhile, the 77-year-old Trump is actively challenging the constraints of gag orders in the federal case related to January 6 and in the New York civil fraud case led by the state attorney general. On Truth Social, his social media platform, Trump shared a follower’s dream that outlined a scenario wherein Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Engoron are placed under citizen’s arrest for alleged blatant election interference and harassment. This reposted content on Truth Social reflects the fervent opinions and sentiments circulating among Trump’s followers and adds another layer of complexity to the unfolding legal dramas involving the former president. The juxtaposition of Biden’s legislative challenges and Trump’s legal maneuvers underscores the diverse and dynamic landscape of contemporary American politics.

    Amid the widespread panic triggered by polls indicating Trump’s lead over Biden in crucial swing states, certain segments of the media are proffering advice to the president on salvaging his faltering campaign.

    Jonathan Martin, a columnist for Politico, asserts that Biden is currently “in peril” and contends that “to deny his difficulties and bemoan media coverage may provide some catharsis, but it does not enhance his chances of defeating Trump once again… Being the oldest president in history when he first took the oath, Biden lacks the capacity to govern and campaign in the manner of previous incumbents.” Martin’s analysis underscores the challenges facing Biden’s reelection bid and highlights the unique considerations imposed by his age on the dynamics of both governance and campaigning. The ongoing discussions within the media reflect the intensity of the political landscape and the strategies being explored as the 2024 election looms.

    Jonathan Martin offers a series of recommendations to address the challenges facing Biden’s campaign. These include bringing Rahm Emanuel back from his posting in Tokyo to manage the campaign, enticing Ron Klain to return, dissuading Joe Manchin and Liz Cheney from launching third-party bids, adopting a more assertive approach in attacking Republicans, and appointing Bill and Hillary Clinton as special envoys to the Middle East to handle diplomatic efforts in the region.

    Amid these suggestions, the article highlights an incident where David Axelrod, a former colleague of Biden from the Obama administration, suggested the possibility of Biden dropping out. The piece notes that responding to Axelrod’s suggestion by calling him ‘a prick,’ as reportedly heard from Biden in private, is not a strategic move to secure the necessary 270 electoral votes for victory. This candid assessment underscores the interpersonal dynamics within the political sphere and the potential impact of personal interactions on strategic decision-making during a critical election campaign. The article paints a comprehensive picture of the various considerations and dynamics at play as Biden and his team navigate the complexities of the current political landscape.

    Simultaneously, Trump is forthright about his intentions, openly expressing to Univision that, given the challenges he has faced, he would indeed pursue legal action against his political adversaries. Furthermore, Trump consistently provides provocative content tailored to resonate with his base. For instance, on Saturday, he made a post declaring, “In honor of our great veterans on Veterans Day, we pledge to you that we will root out the Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country.

    This statement triggered a strong reaction, leading to headlines such as Forbes’ “Trump Compares Political Foes To ‘Vermin’ On Veterans Day—Echoing Nazi Propaganda.” Despite the backlash and critical headlines, Trump appears to recognize that such controversies surrounding his incendiary language serve to amplify his message. This strategic use of rhetoric allows Trump to maintain a strong connection with his base, utilizing language that resonates with their sentiments while simultaneously drawing attention to his messages through media coverage, whether positive or negative. This tactic reflects Trump’s skill in navigating the dynamics of public discourse to his advantage.

    Considering the strengths and weaknesses inherent in both campaigns, predicting the outcome of a probable rematch between the two is a challenging endeavor. Each campaign exhibits unique attributes that contribute to their overall strategies, making it difficult to make a definitive assessment of their potential success or failure. The complex interplay of factors, ranging from policy positions and messaging to the political landscape and public sentiment, adds an additional layer of uncertainty to any predictions about the ultimate outcome of such a rematch. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the dynamics of the campaigns will likely undergo shifts, further complicating the task of handicapping the potential results.

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